the places

An environment to awaken the senses

Our restaurant

Our main dining space has one main intention: to create the perfect atmosphere to embark on a culinary journey. A daring, groundbreaking and suggestive environment, a warm atmosphere which unique and elegant materials such as bamboo, granite, corten steel and oak coexist harmoniously. Ten dining tables offer a capacity of 35 to 40 guests.

sala restaurante

The kitchen

In 2019, abantal’s qualitative appeal improved by including a more spacious, open-plan kitchen with the latest extraction equipment and state-of-the-art technology. The former area remains at the service of incessant R&D activities.
The bounds of our bodega broadened too with this additional space and boasts carefully selected local and international wines.

Chef’s table

The chef’s table gives guests access to abantal’s kitchen and the chance to admire the chefs’ tireless efforts. A novel dining concept in Seville, which offers groups of up to ten guests to experience first-hand what live cooking really means. Inside knowledge from the chef, Julio Fdez Quintero, and close contact with his kitchen team, complete this intimate service.