Culinary Inspirations: Seville and Andalucía, Spain (Recette Magazine – Suvie)

One of Europe’s most dynamic cities, Seville is flush with style and brío.  The stories of Figaro and Carmen, Don Juan and Fidelio set the stage, while gypsies, flamenco dancers and bullfights provide the action, along with much of the city’s soul.  In many ways, Seville is Spain — or, at least, it’s the Spain we dream of […]

Regional Spanish Delights at Abantal, Seville (Forbes)

When my son got married three years ago, I received an email from a friend of mine saying “Congratulations, you have now joined the club of the most hated women in the world, – mothers in law.”  I have often thought about that, and have realized that I am very, very, fortunate to not be […]

Restaurant Abantal in Seville (Eat Speak Write)

The Michelin Guide is somewhat of a notorious annual publication within the food community, and can make or break a chef’s career. Each year, Michelin has its anonymous “inspectors” visit restaurants within a particular region for the purpose of rating and critiquing it. Michelin may then award up to three stars for outstanding dining (or […]