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Regional Spanish Delights at Abantal, Seville (Forbes)

When my son got married three years ago, I received an email from a friend of mine saying “Congratulations, you have now joined the club of the most hated women in the world, – mothers in law.”  I have often thought about that, and have realized that I am very, very, fortunate to not be […]

Restaurant Abantal in Seville (Eat Speak Write)

The Michelin Guide is somewhat of a notorious annual publication within the food community, and can make or break a chef’s career. Each year, Michelin has its anonymous “inspectors” visit restaurants within a particular region for the purpose of rating and critiquing it. Michelin may then award up to three stars for outstanding dining (or […]


Autumn has nothing to envy to the colorful fruits and vegetables of the summer. Warm colors – orange, red and earth tones – fill the new season and enjoying its vegetables is a joy for our organism and also for our palate. In this post we are going to focus on those with an orange […]